How to make Sauerkraut


All you need:
Sterilized* glasses with screw caps and plastic foil, white cabbage and salt.
If you like to flavor it you can use laurel, juniper berry or caraway seeds.

*Put glasses and caps for a few minutes in boiling water.

Clean the cabbage from old leaves, quarter it and cut the stems off.
Cut the cabbage in fine slices and put them in a big bowl.
Add salt. (For 1 lb of cabbage 1 lightly heaped tea spoon of salt.)
Press and squeeze the slices for some like ten minutes.
By crushing the slices water is coming out. (The more fresh the cabbage is the more water you will have.)
Fill the cabbage and the water in the glasses with a bit of pressure.
Best is if some water covers it.
Stretch the plastic foil tight over the glass and screw the caps over.
Keep the glasses at a shady place in a pan or bowl because there will be water running out.

The Sauerkraut needs about two weeks to be ready. It is enjoyable raw or cooked.
If you don't eat it right now you should keep it in the refridgerator.
There you can keep it for 3 to 4 months.